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So, what's been happening?

Well, not that much in the art studio for a while now.

We spent a many months in 2018 preparing our house of 20 years for selling. This involved closing and packing up the art studio, along with all the inventory. After the sale we moved almost everything into storage as the future was wide open.

2019 we spent in a small townhouse in Three Springs while we viewed possible homes, ending up with a new home in Three Springs. So no art studio for that year...

In 2020, the room that would become the art studio was filled with boxes and furiture as we organically found our new arragements. Most of the art studio supplies were deep in storage.

So it is now 2022, in the latter part of the pandemic (crossed fingers!), and the art studio is just becoming available. A couple detail pics of most recent experimenting:


It may be a while before any exhibitions, please stay tuned and I will keep you informed. Drop me an email if you want to be on the list for announcements, via the link on the left.

May your aesthetic ventures be rich,


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